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Part # BH-7077-04C5
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Protect your C5 Corvette with the C5 Lift Pads. Never lift a C5 on an automotive lift or using a jack without installing this pad.

This patented product was designed to provide a lift point for a floor jack or auto lift without damaging the underbody, floor pans or lower body panels. Even an inexperienced tire changer or service technician can now lift a C5 without damaging it. This product can be installed temporarily or left in permanently without changing the appearance of C5 Corvettes. The C5 Lift Pads securely snap into the Chain Down holes on the frame rails at all four corners of C5 Corvettes.

Made of high density polypropylene, this C5 Lift Pad will provide lift operators with years of damage free lifting without the need for replacement. Now service technicians can provide peace of mind to even the most conscientious Corvette owner that damage to their vehicle willnot occur from lifting.

This C5 Lift Pad is lighter and easier to store than other designs. They also have broader lifting bases making the car more stable on the lift, jack or hoist.

The snap-in design makes using them extremely "user friendly."

The C5 came from the factory without jacking points identified as to where it is safe to lift the car. According to the shop manual, the proper points to lift the car with a four point hoist are defined by the chain down holes on the frame rails of the car (approximately the same locations as the jacking points on the C4.) The plastic body of the C5 wraps down the side of the C5 and rolls under the car, covering the frame rails, with small cut outs in the plastic rocker panels for access to the chain down points referred to above. The problem is, a floor jack (or four point lift or jack stands) will have lifting pads larger than the cutouts that uncover the frame rail upon which the lifting pad will make contact. This results in the lifting pad resting on part of the body plastic (not the steel frame) and crushes the plastic between the frame and lifting pad of the jack, hoist or jack stand.

Even an above average shop may not lift C5's properly. put this product in the hands of your technicians, or of the shops you frequent.
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