TransTech III MTT1100P
The Professional ATF Exchanger

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• "One Touch" Electronic Control for Ease of Use
• Replaces virtually 100% of the dirty ATF
• Cooler line pressure gauge
• Convenient drain pan feature and fluid "add" control
• Complete adapter kit for domestic and foreign vehicles
• Rugged, sturdy, compact design for convenience
• Portable - 12 - volt battery powered
• Two 26 quart reservoirs allow for multiple services
• Audible low fluid alarm and indicator light
• Two high volume fluid pumps allow service
to be complete in 10 minutes.
• Electrical circuit protection
• Complete cooling line adapter kit (provides ability to service most foreign and domestic vehicles.)
• Automatic bypass prevents the transmission
from running out of fluid.

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• Replaces old trapped fluid
• Throroughly cleans the system
• Extends transmission life

How TransTech® III Works:
TransTech® III's advanced electronic interface allows complete, "one touch" control. It even has a quick and easy "Drain Pan" function for transmission filter changes during ATF exchange. TransTech III connects through transmission cooler lines and provides a clean, "environmentally friendly" and systematic approach to servicing automatic transmissions. The unit will flush all of the old transmission fluid and replace it with the new fluid while the engine is idling. Best of all, there's nothing to adjust, the machine controls the flow!

Normally when a technician drains the transmission, the torque converter, clutch drums, cooler and the valve body will retain large amounts of old, burnt and dirty fluid. But, by allowing the vehicle's transmission pump to flush out the old fluid, virtually all of the old fluid can be replaced. The TransTech III completes the fluid exchange faster and more efficiently because of its unique interface and easy-to-use design.

Why Use theTransTech®
Transmission System:
The TransTech III® is designed to exchange virtually all of the used automatic transmission fluid in a vehicle's transmission, and do it in only one simple step!
The TransTech III's Transmission Service System can increase a shop's efficiency by reducing the time it takes to do a complete fluid exchange to approximately 10 minutes.

To maintain the longevity of your transmission it is recommended that a more thorough flush is done; one that can get the old fluid trapped deep inside areas such as the torque converter, clutch drums and valve body.The TransTech Service effectively cleans the system and extends the life of the transmission.

Technical Specifications:
• Cabinet - rotomolded
• Two 26 quart reservoirs
• 10ft. 14 gauge heavy power leads
• 2-8" wheels - 2-2 1/2" casters
• 41" high
• 24" wide
• 19" deep
• Ship weight - 105 lbs.