OilClean MOF6500P

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The Complete Oil Flush Service Center

Dynamic flushing process cleans entire lubrication system
Works on spin-on and canister style oil filter assemblies
Large capacity tank
32 services for gasoline
16 services for diesel
Portable - 12-volt operation - rugged,yet lightweight
Microprocessor controlled
Reservoir fluid level window
Low pressure warning light, low pressure audible alarm
End of service alarm
Industrial grade hoses
Patented spin-on and canister adapters
One size filter for either 16oz. or 32oz. service

Improves fuel economy
Maximizes engine performance
Minimizes exhaust emissions
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How OilClean Works:
From the very first time an engine is started, deterioration and contamination of engine oil begins. As the engine and its oil heats up and cools down, viscosity and thermal breakdown occurs. By using the proprietary OilClean cleaning detergents with the OilClean engine flush machine, all the sludge and contaminants that build up in the engine over time are removed. The entire lubrication system is cleaned including: oil galleys, valve train, oil pan, timing cover, oil pump and oil screen. Anywhere oil goes, OilClean will follow it and get the system cleaned.
Technical Specifications:
Cabinet - rotomolded
Power cord - 18ft. (5.5m)
Timer - electronic, 0-30 minute adjustable
Power supply - 12 volt DC operation
Circuit protection (air compressor) - 25 amp
circuit breaker
Circuit protection - 10 amp circuit breaker
Circuit protection - 5 amp resettable fuse
Hoses - 15ft. (4.6 m.) output and return
w/quick coupling
Tank - 4 gallon (15.1 l.) solution
Pump - 60 gallons per hour (227 lph), low pressure
Gauge - 3 1/2 in. dia. oil pressure
(0-100 psi/0-6.9 bar)
Gauge - 1 1/2 in. dia. line pressure
(0-160 psi/0-11 bar)
Gauge - 1 1/2 in. dia. air discharge
(0-60 psi/0-4.1 bar)
Filter housing - 32oz (.95 l.)