CoolantClean MCF-5000
The Professional Coolant Flush Service

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• Complete coolant exchange in less than 15 minutes
• Unique vacuum switch allows for system depressuration
• One switch, multi-function operation
• One-to-one complete coolant replacement
• "Closed Loop" mode at end of service
• Portable, operates on 12 volt DC power
• Easy connection through radiator hose
• Comprehensive adapter kit for most vehicles
• 2 position top-off switch
• Service in progress indicator light
• Precise pressure gauge
• System runs unattended


• Throughly flushes system
• Replaces virtually all old coolant ? portable, operates on 12 volt dc power ? 2 position top-off switch
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Technical Specifications:
• Cabinet - heavy duty 16 gauge steel
• Powder finish
• Power cord - 10ft. (3.048m.) 14 gauge
• Power supply - 12 volt DC operation
• Circuit protection - 15 amp circuit breaker
• Hoses - 8ft. (2.43m.) output and return with quick coupling
• Hose - 6ft. (1.82m.) Clear braided drain hose (with check valve to prevent leakage.)
• Tank - 42 quart (39.74l.) Coolant fluid
• Coolant pump - 76.8 gallons per hour (290.7 l.) low pressure
• Vacuum pump - 105 gallons per hour (397.46 l.)
• Gauge - 2 in. diameter (30 psi / 2 bar)
• Filter reusable (40 mesh screen)
• Ship weight - 85 lbs. (38.5 Kg.)
• Ship height - 41 in. (104.14 cm.)
• Ship depth - 19 in. (48.26 cm.)
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Why use the CoolantClean® System:
CoolantClean®'s advanced flush system allows complete control. CoolantClean connects through the upper radiator hose and provides a clean, "environmentally friendly" and systematic approach to servicing cooling systems. The unit will flush virtually all of the old coolant and replace it with the new coolant mixture in just a few easy steps! CoolantClean® is easy to use. One switch does it all, and the standard adapters are a snap to use.

Where to Keep Your Coolant:
Our Aqua and Orange colored machines are designed to distinguish between conventional fluid and extended life fluid. This eliminates the need to fully flush the machine of any certain type of coolant before switching to a different style.

Adapters for most vehicles included with the machine.