Coats 1055 Wheel Balancer

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Coats 1055 Wheel Balancer

The COATS Model 1055 Balancer has the mechanical and electronic power to be a key tool in high volume shops.

The 1 1/2 horsepower direct-drive motor and 16-bit microprocessor provide super-fast five second cycle times in each of eight separate modes. In addition to static and dynamic modes, the 1055 also provides RV and four different alloy modes, plus match mount capability.

Electronics adjust for three parameters: tilt axis, rotation in horizontal axis, and vertical adjustment. The direct drive motor requires less calibration than belt systems, and the automatic calibration process is simple.

The 1055 also features a 25 pocket weight tray, with compartments for standard, specialty, and tape-a-weights, all within easy reach.

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• Exclusive COATS direct drive motor for accuracy and durability

• Five-second cycle times

• Multiple alloy modes, plus RV and match mount

• Desiged for high volume applications