5050/5060A/E to 5050/5060AXX/EXX Conversion Kit
*for units with air jets in table top

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Always Disconnect Air Supply Before Attempting this installation! On 5050/5060E Models, Disconnect Electric Power Supply!
1. Read and review instructions becoming familiar with parts, dis-assembly, and reassembly procedure before proceeding!

2. Remove and discard (4) 3/8" nylon tubes connecting spider and clamp carriers. Note on some models discard tube protectors (springs) if present.

3. Remove (2) 1/2-13 hex nuts holding table top air cylinder to clamp carriers. Do not discard these as they will be used later to re-connect carriers to cylinder.

4. Remove (4) 12mm X 2 5/8" hex head shoulder bolts holding link bar to clamp carrier and clamp. Then remove and discard clamp carriers, clamps and shoulder bolts.

5. Attach new clamp carriers (2) 3182248 (cylinder ends) and (2) 3182249 ( non cylinder) using (4) new bolts 3182279, applying loctite to threads and torque to 40-45 ft/lbs.

6. Reposistion table top air cylinder between clamp carriers and assemble (2) 1/2-13 hex nuts (from step 3) tighten snug then loosen 1/2 turn. CYLINDER MUST BE FREE TO MOVE!

7. Remove and discard tee fitting from spider and replace close nipple 3182366, and cross fitting 3182367 (2 places) using pipe sealing compound on all threads.

8. Install (2) straight fittings 3181999 one to each side of cross fitting and (1) 90 elbow fitting 3181998 in each cross fitting.

9. Install (6) 3/8 X 12 1/4 nylon tubes 3182036 (4) between spider and inflation nozzels, and (2) between spider and clamp carriers.

10. Reconnect air supply and activate clamp pedal chacking for air leaks. NOTE IF ANY AIR LEAKS ARE DETECTED DISCONNECT AIR SUPPLY BEFORE CORRECTING! After making any necessary corrections, reconnect air supply and recheck for any air leaks. If unit is electric model reconnect power supply.
Parts List:
2 3182248 clamp carrier cyl. end 4 3181999 st. fitting 1/4" npt
2 3182249 clamp carrier 2 3182366 1/4" close nipple
4 3113325 rim clamp adj. 4 3182250 pludger and spring
4 3182279 adj. clamp link bolt 6 3182036 3/8 x 12 1/2" tube
8 3181998 90 male elbow 2 3182367 cross fitting